This morning PALS and the Town Hall have raised funds to get a new ambulance

This morning the association of foreign residents Protection and Live Saving (PALS) has donated some medical and sanitary equipment  to Civil Protection  of Mazarrón that has been received by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo. This new donation of the association has meant for it an expenditure of 8.000 euros. The donated material involves two Palmcare Oximeters, pvc vacumm pumping for mattress, a vacuum mattress with six handles, a monitor Sentry NSR, a evacuation chair Evac-chair, a volumetric infusion pump and nine batteries Heartstart.

Also, PALS, with the support of the Town Hall of Mazarrón, has organized a day to raise funds with the target to buy an ambulance that this association plans to buy  to give it to the town hall that,  at the same time, will be put it available of Red Cross Mazarrón. The event has been developed at the Callao square and it was there the ambulance that the association wants to buy with the target of encouragement to the citizens of the town to support this cause.

PALS had until now 45.000 euros of the 57.000 that costs the vehicle. Even so, PALS is organizing some events to continue raising funds for this cause. From the year 2000 until now, PALS has donated to the town hall and to other municipal institutions a total of 188.414 euros.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, who was accompanied during the event of the councillor of Health and Social Policy, María Martínez, the council of Cicvil Protection, Miguel Mª García, and the responsible of Civil Protection, Pedro Arias; has highlighted that  “we should learn of this association of foreign residents, and other that we have in the town, because they are an example of solidarity and selfless aid to all the comunity, both native and foreign”.